Wire Bending and welding

What is wire bending?

Wire bending is the process of forming wire into specific shapes and patterns using a variety of techniques and tools. This process is used in many areas, from the production of jewelry, through decorative elements, to parts of machines and building structures. Wire bending techniques can be manual or automatic, depending on precision requirements, production volume and material type.

In the process of manual wire bending, pliers, bending pliers, as well as special forms and templates are often used to help give the wire the desired shape. For more complex or mass productions, wire bending machines are used, which are able to precisely and quickly form wire according to programmed patterns.

Materials and performance

The materials used for bending are most often stainless steel, galvanized, low-carbon steel wire or copper-plated wires. The choice of the appropriate material depends on the requirements for strength, flexibility and the final appearance of the product.

Wire bending requires not only the right tools, but also skills and experience. Precise bending allows you to create complex shapes and patterns, which is crucial in many technical and artistic applications.

Wire Bending Example

Variety and application of wire bending techniques

The wire bending process in two dimensions (2D) focuses on creating flat structures, while three-dimensional (3D) methods enable the creation of more complex and volumetric forms. In the case of 2D bending, these activities usually take place on one level, which is typical for the production of elements such as nets, fences or various types of frames. In turn, bending in 3D format, thanks to the use of advanced technology and machines, allows the creation of complex objects, including baskets, coasters and decorations.

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Reliable equipment

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Benefits of using our wire bending services:

Types of wires used in the bending process and their sizes

The bending process uses a variety of wire types, such as galvanized, stainless and zinc-aluminum, each tailored to the specific requirements of projects. These materials differ in properties, which allows their application depending on needs. The diameters of available wires range from 2 to 12 mm, which allows for great flexibility in the production of elements with various specifications.

Serial production of wire elements

Every production volume is important to us, regardless of whether it is short one-off series or long-term cooperation with constant production according to a set schedule. We ensure that each order, small or large, is carried out with the utmost care, guaranteeing satisfaction with the quality of workmanship.

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