PROSNAP™ Profile Snap Rings

PROSNAP™ Profile Snap Rings

This patented design has a profile formed into the ring, which offers many advantages to OEM’s, bag house operators and bag makers. This ring is being marketed as the PROSNAP™ ring.

The main advantages include:

  • No profile beading required
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Improved seal and secure location of bags into cell plate
  • Operates in the highest temperatures
  • Non-sewn bags are now possible
  • Quick and easy ring removal aids recycling 

The PROSNAP™ ring is made of a 35mm wide strip with an offset profile and a 25mm wide strip with a central profile

The PROSNAP profile ring eliminates the need to use a profile or beading when constructing bag tops. The PROSNAP™ profile provides an unsurpassed seal and strength of location. 

The PROSNAP™ profile gives a mechanical seal on both the top and bottom faces of the cell plate in addition to sealing on the inside of the cell plate hole.

The PROSNAP ring offers reduced manufacturing costs to bag makers.

The elimination of the need for profile beading gives a saving in raw material costs; and the cost of attaching the profile to the ring or to the bag top.

The profile ring can be fitted directly in to the bag top, requiring only a single sewn seam, offering savings and cost reduction. The shape of the profile in the PROSNAP ring allows the ring to be used for almost all cell plate thicknesses.

Its ability to operate at all temperatures eliminates the need to stock a range of profiles, and profile shapes, and eliminates any production delays of awaiting delivery that a non-stock profile can cause.

The standard of seal, the resilience and the security of location provided by the PROSNAP ring cannot be achieved using the traditional type of snap ring.

PROSNAP offers the security of a “twist lock” type of location but with the simplicity, and the lower construction cost, of a standard basic cell plate hole.

The PROSNAP ring design creates a seal onto the top and also the bottom of the cell plate. This is considerably more effective than the traditional snap ring which only seals into the sides of the cell plate hole. The PROSNAP ring offers the security of an engineering location, the ring being larger than the hole. A test was conducted in which a filter bag, fitted with a PROSNAP ring, was loaded with weights in excess of 130kgs. The bag remained in the cell plate and the seal remained intact. The bags remained correctly located and sealed even when the tops of the bags are walked on.

PROSNAP rings, unlike textile profiles and beading, are unaffected by high temperatures and can be used in all applications, withstanding the highest temperatures.

The PROSNAP ring offers a further unique feature; it allows filter bags to be manufactured without any sewing at the top of the bag.

The non-sewn bag top design offers further advantages over the sewn bag top construction: 

  • it eliminates the requirement to have a sewn seam below the cell plate. This means that filter bags can be manufactured without any sewing.
  • if the non-sewn bag top construction is used, the cost of all the sewing is eliminated, as well as the cost of the thread used when sewing (in addition to the savings on the cost of profile beading and the cost of attaching the profile beading).

Consider the potential savings that this can offer to the manufacturing costs of PTFE bags. Furthermore, the generated savings in time will result in increased throughput and productivity. The ability to reduce lead-times, which allows bag makers to offer an improved service to their customers, is a further advantage when compared to using the traditional snap rings.

A non-sewn PROSNAP bag top enables the ring to be quickly, easily, and inexpensively, removed from the bag at the end of its operational life. This allows the used bags to be readily and cheaply incinerated, or recycled; this is becoming increasingly important with tightening environmental regulations. The PROSNAP ring, manufactured from stainless steel, is also 100% recyclable.